Friday, June 5, 2015

What Losing A Senior Developer Means To A Quality Professional

This week, my team experienced the loss of a senior developer mentor. The loss (not actual loss loss, just leaving the company), came as a shock for most, and I noticed a major deflate in our team morale. Losing the person who wrote our framework, pretty much gave us our GUI testing technical direction and solved many of our problems gutted everyone, even me as a leader. For a day or so I thought to myself, man it's really going to be hard to figure out the next big thing in testing. "Viper", was the dude who really set us off on the path we are going down now.

With his mentoring, it was amazing to watch our team evolve from arguing about which tool to use for GUI automation, to 'bicker' about which interfaces to implement. What I'm getting at, is while the loss of Viper will be hard to swallow, I have already moved on, and need to take the next steps for our team to do so. I have already noticed that although Viper has departed, our team is moving on, and this is an opportunity to form more new relationships with other awesome developers.

It is imperative for us as Senior Quality Professionals (because I really believe automation professionals are just that) to form more deep relationships with not only one developer.

The loss on of one senior developer cannot be viewed as a disaster. It has to be viewed as an opportunity for growth and a push to form new relationships with other devs.

Today while at a team standup, I pushed our team to push their devs to review automation code. We are forging ahead. We will get stronger and deal with the loss of one senior dev mentor/ally , by acquiring others.

So while Viper will be missed, Iceman and the rest of Top Gun will continue to forge The Fortress.

Melodramatic Iceman Out.

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