Thursday, August 27, 2015

What QA Team Work Means And How To Accomplish It

Recently, I've come to the conclusion, that I finally have a concrete example, of what QA team work is all about. In the past , that phrase represented something fairly elusive and fluffy to me. Sure I understood, that everyone should pull together by communicating, and by executing test cases in a pre-defined test plan, etc. etc. etc., but this week, I've really come to a new realization. Let me exemplify it to you.

As part of our team's new age QA approach, we breathe, live and preach automation, and more importantly, being technically able to implement meaningful, maintainable and reproducible automated tests when we choose to do so. With this mantra in mind, our team takes on immense challenges, which are supported by training initiatives. We started with a small group of our team members, and attempted to educate them to the point where they were self sufficient with respect to technical analysis and issue resolution. The first few months, they relied heavily on our senior developer, who happened to be our teacher and mentor. But after a while, and mainly due to the mentor leaving for greener pastures, something exciting and amazing started to happen. We continued to train more people, and we started to develop a community. Now I use the word community, since I believe that a community transcends a traditional team in the way that in a community, everyone benefits, in a team, the goal is achieved. Our team members, started to truly rely on their own, to figure out problems. And this is where the transcendence between team and community began. A team, has a leader, in a community, everyone is equal. That is what I believe is now happening, and that is what I think is most beneficial to a quality organization. If I help with your problem, I gain more experience, and I gain your trust that when I have a problem, you will help me. The more people have these experiences, the more people believe in the power of the community, the more each individuals' confidence grows, and Together Each Achieves More...think about that last point :)

As our team heads into a fairly challenging and busy fall, I am proud to say that I am no longer a leader of the team, but a part of the problem solving community!

Charge on!

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