Tuesday, March 22, 2016

My Talk @ Motor City Testers!

Hey Ya'll,

I'll keep this short and sweet. Tomorrow (March 23, 2016), I'll be speaking at the Motor City Testers meetup in Detroit, MI. As part of the talk, I'm going to cover my experience in building an automated test suite from scratch.

Motor City Testers

Welp, there are three things you need to remember:

1.Convince your team of automation in phases, communicating wins along the way

2. Ensure to have a training mechanism of some sort, to bring people up to speed to your technological approach.

3. Ensure as folks come up to speed, you indoctrinate them in a community. This part is critical. Eventually, the automation you build will be so massive, that everyone will need to lend a hand in maintaining and growing it...and what better way to do this, then to empower them from the beginning!

Example Materials

At the talk, I'm also going to give some examples of tools we used in our team to accomplish the above. I'm attaching a copy of a syllabus I designed for our "top gun" training sessions. A copy of the syllabus can be found @ https://github.com/mkonkolowicz/ExampleMaterials

As for the more technical folks, we use a sweet Coded UI helper framework designed by one of our past senior devs. If you are interested in it, go get it either from GitHub (https://github.com/spelltwister/CodedUIFluentExtensions) or on Nuget (if you use Visual Studio as your IDE). The nuget name is the same as the GitHub repository. Additionally, the author (Mike Pavlak) tweets under the name @MPavlak12 so please give him some love!

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