Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Automation Guild 2017 Resources

Helllooooo Everybody!

This year I have been granted the honour of presenting at the Automation Guild conference. I put together a session introducing the WHITE automated testing framework and had a great time doing it. As part of the session, I promised to post the resources I used for the demo on my blog. Welp, here they are. All of them are free, and easy to get at. Enjoy!

Visual Studio Community
-Used as my IDE for the demo. Free version of a powerful Microsoft IDE

Github Test Examples
-The entire set of examples that I produced for the conference

White Automation Framework Github Repo
-The repo of the actual White automation framework. Awesome if you really need to figure out how it works.

White Automation Framework Documentation
-Documentation site for White

Page Object Pattern
-Explanation from Selenium

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